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A while ago, I went to Nuremberg. For those of you, who do not know where it is: Nuremberg (or Nürnberg, as it is actually called in German) is a city in southern Germany. It is also the city, where I was born. I did not grow up there, though, but I lived for many, many years rather close, but I moved away nearly three years ago). I went there to visit some friends and, regardless to say, we enjoyed lots of delicious vegan food (at least what I ate was vegan, most of my friends aren’t vegan).
When I arrived there, it was lunchtime and I still had over 3 hours till I met a friend. So I went to a restaurant, that I didn’t know before since it has opened in 2017 (I moved away in 2016). It’s called “Mischbar” and actually has three locations in Nuremberg. I ate the “Evergreen Bowl” and it was so delicious! The location, where I went to, is really beautiful, too. Modern, with lots of sunlight and something that’s a bit like a winter garden. It’s right next to the river, which in my opinion, is one of the most beautiful spots to be in the downtown of Nuremberg.
Afterwards, I went with a friend to “Cafè Katzentempel”. Just let me tell you this: If you ever visit Nuremberg and want to go to a cafè, go there! It’s the cutest place ever! And it is rather close to the inner-city (it’s a three-minute walk from the Lorenz Kirche). The name (temple of cats) says already everything: There are a few cats inside the café, who walk around and sit next to you when you are lucky. It’s also an all vegan café (except for the cow’s milk they offer). I drank a coffee with soy milk and shared a yummy smoothie bowl with my friend.

Something I love about Nuremberg (or rather the whole region) are the soft pretzels. In my humble opinion, they are the best in the world. xD So try them, if you ever get the chance to! (But be aware, that not all pretzels are actually vegan. My favourite ones from Brezen Kolb are, though.)
I stayed there for a total of three days, but I went to some friends the other days and ate at their home so I cannot tell you about more amazing places to eat vegan.
On a little side note: Nuremberg is probably not the most beautiful city in the world. But it has a rich and important history we should all be aware of (sadly, it became famous during the Nazi regime). It has some really interesting museums and even an old castle, which you can visit. The historic city of Nuremberg (even though big parts of it were destroyed during the Second World War, which had to be restored) is beautiful with small, crooked houses and cobblestones. Public transportation is great, with buses, trains and underground. The VAG offers a special Ticket (TagesTicket), which allows you to travel the whole day (during the workweek) or the whole weekend for relatively little money. You can get to Nuremberg by train (it has a big central train station) or by FlixBus (which I did because it was way cheaper and faster in my case).

Have you ever been to Nuremberg? How did you like it? What are your favourite places and restaurants in town?

I forgot to take beautiful pictures for this post, so I’m very grateful for the photographers, who shared theirs on Unsplash: Markus Spiske & Sven Mieke.

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